Water features are used to add interest and aesthetics to pools, gardens and outdoor living spaces. “You can pretty much do anything you want now; there are no limitations,” says Stephanie Bellinger. These options include:

Grottos are caves with waterfalls over the opening. They provide a shaded sitting area inside, behind the water.

A Rain Curtain
A rain curtain is a wall or sheet of water used for dramatic effect or for play. The flow of water can be adjusted to your liking.

Tide Pools
This addition to your pool is made to resemble California beaches, with shallow water movement over boulders and rocks for sitting and walking.

Pencil Fountains
Pencil fountains are arcs of water that can shoot from anywhere on the deck or from a nearby wall. When paired with colored light, this feature is especially attractive after dark.

Sheer Descends
Also known as negative edges or infinity edges, sheer descends make the pool water seem to disappear if it’s near another body of water. “It works perfectly if the pool is on the edge of a lake or ocean and the property is raised a little,” Bellinger says.

“It’s gorgeous.”